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About Us

Welcome to Tailored by Taylor
My name is Taylor. I have been designing and producing garments for myself and my family for nearly a decade now. This is where the name comes from: Tailored by Taylor. we like to think of our style as Post Workout Wear that is friendly to sensitive skin. Our products are figure hugging and when you have that awesome workout and step out the gym with an incredible pump we have amazing garments to compliment your achievement. 

Born in the melting pot of Camden, comes a blossoming of a beautifully simple brand. Still in its adolescence and developing through knowledge, projecting a vision of a humble yet stubborn creator. Through life experiences comes her brand. an interpretation of her.

We are who we are and we like to be comfortable in who we are. We like our swagger through the roof while doing so. We do who we are with pure unadulterated, uncensored, unforgiving swag. This is Tailored by Taylor, simple.

Be Confident. Be Tailored. Be Lit


On the day delivery to your exact location is now available only with active communication and live location share.

Driving Industry Trends

We like to set the trends. Our vision is simplicity, no need for brashness. The simplicity will make heads turn.


London NW1